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December 27, 2013
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Rivoka-Syndrome : Ueda, Juri by lolli-pocky Rivoka-Syndrome : Ueda, Juri by lolli-pocky

:iconrivoka-syndrome: :iconrivoka-syndrome: :iconrivoka-syndrome:

Okay,okay~! I'm so happy about this group, the plot line is so awesome and stuffu----- They're so awesome, they gave everyone a grace period. I would've been finished but the line art for the boots took forever... Hopefully I make it in!

Edit: I made it in! Feel free to check this page for updates on relationships (they change when I get the time to update them). I won't decline any request, but my best methods are DA Notes and Google docs. We can try Skype too, just ask for my username.






|| Ueda, Juri ||





 None at the moment. 



20 years old





July 2nd


170.18cm[5'7"] / 55kg[123lbs.]



 [Front liner, Bai]

 "Why, you ask? Pfft...Well there's no reason in lying is there? Damn, I only wish you all wouldn't be so nosy... Reason is I'm not the brightest star in the sky. However, I'm quite athletic and agile with the training I've had before (refer to biography)... Personally, I just love to be face-to-face with action."  





Spontaneous || Daring || Joker || Over - Confident || Active || (More TBA)

Juri normally all over the place with her mischevious and spontaneous ways. Whenever the young woman opens her lips to speak, expect her to be rather outspoken and sarcastic. The front liner isn't completely rude; she can be a complete jokester and humorful, too. When it comes to those she's comfortable with, they may fear for their own safety, being that she's missing a bit of public decency. Unfortunately, the young female really doesn't have a care for other's opinions.

It's hard to anger Juri.But, let's say that someone she doesn't have a liking for comes around... it's hard to even come across her without being flicked off. The cause for her anger against another depends and its a challenge to have her forgive & forget.

Juri is a complete daredevil when it comes to any task, never allowing someone to call her a 'punk' or a 'chicken' unless they want to be gut like a fish . The female holds much pride in her athleticism and doesn't care to flaunt off her abilities. Even on the battlefield, she may hold a private competition in her head against those who she thinks is taking all of the fun.... Which is pretty dreadful, due to the fact that lives are at stake.



-Stomping things
 -A challenge 
 -Working out/ excercising~<3 
 -Dat ass If it isn't protected, be cautious  
 -Easily embarassed people 



-Filthy, dirty nails. NO. Just no.

-Stuckup, bourgeois people  

- Losing her nail file

- Soft drinks

- Pork

- Candy
- Whining. Doesn't matter who it's from.





"I don't want to be the same in this society full of clones.I don't want to be like YOU. It's MY freaking life, NOT YOURS. So deal with it!"


 The eldest daughter to the Ueda family. A family so divided, yet it always managed to place it's collective weight on her shoulders. Juri wanted to take Kaede, she really wanted to but there was no way her disowning parents would allow it. The young boy stood within the living room with wtaer-filled eyes, shocked by his sister's sudden explosion towards their parents. This whole argument was stupid. This whole family name shit was stupid. Out of frustration, Juri had slammed the door to the front of the house--for the last time-- before leaving. Walking down the slightly desolated streets, the air was sort of heavy. Or maybe it was just the feeling of crying so hard for once, that had her breathing heavy. Yet she would still keep that attitude burning within, cursing her terrible parents for all the crap they put her through. The only thing she didn't understand was why they put her up on such a pedestal in the first place. She didn't ask for that.


That was all three years ago... 


Juri was born to a trophy couple, both pushed into their marriage by renown of their memberships in Japan's olympic team for the later 21st century. Juri's mother, Orie competed as a member in gymnastics team. While her father, Seito competed as a member in Japan's olympic soccer team. Both parents wanted to publicize the birth of their daughter and made it known that she was the apple of their eye. Juri as a toddler was showered with their love, taken on trips with her mother all the time. When Juri had grown older around five, the Ueda family grew interested in placing Juri in gymnastics. Like mother, like daughter. But later in that same year, another younger sibling was born. Her bother, Kaede, who didn't get as much attention as her in his first years. He was still loved within the family for being their child. 


Later in her years of becoming a preteen, she was quite rebellious in most activities. Still involved with training in gymnastics and what not, she actually had different plans. Looking around, when walking home from school every day, she wondered why she could aim for what she wanted. I was always 'do this' or that, because 'I said so'. Okay, well that was fine and all. However, it was how her parents never allowed her to join any other extracurricular activities, like journalism, soccer, volleyball,etc. She usually went straight to her classes after school. The gymnast selected was her mother's trainer from previous years, but it seemed that time had bothered the older man. Her was extremely strict on Juri in which straining or breaking something in her body was a common result from all the working and the instruction she had to endure. All the work had paid off, in which Juri was placed in a surge of competitions, going internationally against other gymnastic competitors. 


 When eighteen, Juri finally reached her peak of tolerance and stopped going to her classes after school. Her mother was having an affair behind her father's back. They started pressuring Kaede into taking an athletic pathway. After sometime, her parents noticed, getting collective reports from the performance classes,including how she cursed out her instructor, and even reports from her high school. Juri's grades were dropping and she came home later than usual with smoke on her clothing. During a confrontation, Juri revealed her reasoning for all of the slacking was simply because she hated it. They didn't know what it was Juri actually wanted to go into; neither did she. However this gymnastics thing wasn't where her interest laid. There was only one in the family who actually cared and listened to her--- Kaede. Though he was never allowed to say a word in the family's arguments. They started planning out his life as well and Juri didn't want to be around her family's pressure any more. She stated her dislike for her parents ways of parenting and that didn't take much for them to disown her. The eighteen year old moved out of her parents house, leaving Kaede, although she promised to keep in touch with the younger sibling. 


 Days before the bombing...  


Juri was now 21, enjoying her way of life with an amount of people just like her. The house she stayed in was being paid by both her and a roommate/boyfriend. Her and Kaede actually still kept in touch-sometimes he visited her- despite the tension Juri still had with her now divoreced parents. He always brought gifts to his oldest sister with adoration. Juri would dedicate the whole day to the brother, sometimes hanging out at arcades or local amusement parks in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi. During one of the rides, Juri's old cell phone slipped from her pocket and fell to it's death. So, Kaede decided to buy her another as a gift on a different day of visiting. The only thing was that he bought himself a Rivoka also, which was on a special B.O.G.O deal. In which he knew it was specifically for males, Kaede didn't think it would hurt much. Juri wasn't even stressed over losing her other cell phone.  


 "You bought me another cell phone!? Aww! You're the best little snot, ever!" Juri smothered him in playful hugs and what not before filling out the member account. She was so interested in playing around with the smart phone that she didn't care to ask any questions. And Kaede sure as well didn't mind telling her the details. She found out on her own, seeing advertisements after the fact she had been using it. Calling Kaede, she sort of complained about it and just told him she'd switch it out for another phone, only joking around.


Days after, Juri got acquainted with the device and kept it on her at all times. In the busy chaos of a shopping district, she suddenly heard sirens, blaring over every noise in the area. People stopped cars, eyes flickered upward and everywhere towards the sky. Just before you could even blink again, windows shattered, glass was falling from towering buildings,and her ears were continuously ringing. It was obvious what was going on and no one had a place to hide. Her heart was drumming out of her chest in panic as she tried looking for any shelter. An underground store with open doors caught her light eyes across the street. Juri began to dash over in desperation, only hearing the gradual loudening sound of a truck's blaring horn coming in her direction... 

Everything went blank, it was quick. The pain was anything but describable... was it that she could hear a ringing--the ringing of a phone? She opened her eyes, and glanced around nervously. Eerie, hesitant light streamed from the luminescent screen of her cell phone. As she reached forward, a she felt the pain as strong as one thousand blades sinking into her back. Groaning and screaming with anguish, she writhed about on the floor, clutching the phone in her hand finally. Her eyes were watery with the sheer pain and her breathing came out in sharp, shallow rasps. Sweat dripped down the side of her face and covered her forehead in a thin sheen. Attempting to read what was across the screen, Juri pulled it closer to her pale face.  

 Would you like to live?

> [ Yes ]
> [ No ] 


 There was no other option for her but to click 'yes'. But the question that hit her: *What about Kaede? 

* Kaede choose 'no'. He was so depressed from being apart from his sister and having to live with his failing parents. He also thought she already had traded the phone back in for another. For him there was no point, if she wasn't going to be there to support him.





 - Uses her middle finger a lot
 - She judges others by affiliation
 - Collects bottle caps for some odd reason
 - Carries her lighter around with her.
 - Files her nails often and sometimes scolds others on their nails. 
 - Never turns down a dare, unless your trying something dangerous or sneaky. She probably wouldn't even suspect a thing, though. 
- Will hold a grudge forever, until there's some kind of official peace offering. 
- Voice claim: [ Yumi Uchimura - Killer ] 
- Theme: [Noisia - Machine gun ]  





Rivoka-Syndrome belongs to Paanda-Tan

Juri Ueda/character/ design belongs to lolli-pocky (me)

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